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I have been preplexed and disoriented with lies and promises that Governments make to their Citizens. To make matters worse,Governments are given the advantage from self proclamed commentators of supposedly unbiased jounalists and commentators in all media (written and visual).

Thanks to blogging Citizens can now fight back, both the Government and to the Media.Wasting of tax payer’s money by Governments and condoned by the Media is wrong,and any contribution to make Politicians,Editors,and those that have the power to influence the Public Opinion must be held accountable to the Public.

Wrong needs to be seen as wrong as right has to be seen as right.Those in holding public office/Political Parties/Journalists need to strive and weed out corruption and coruptive elements out of the system, and seen to take measures towards a clean,transparent form of Politics.

Politicians dedicate their free chosen wish to serve the Public and not a short cut to a ‘Get rich quick scheme’.They all have the added advatage of inside information. So it is in the moral interest, and a heavy burden that jounalists carry in the Public interest, that they carry out their jobs seriously in investigative reporting and uncover/publish and pursue justice and truth.

Journalists are responsable in policing the truth and bringing to light any wrong doing to the public’s attention, that’s what constitutes a journalist and not a University degree.


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  1. L-Ghaqda Tal-Armar Festa Titulari Hal Ghaxaq Se Torganizza Wirja Fuq L-75 Sena Banda w Ftuh Ufficjali Tal-Binja Kazin Santa Marija Hal Ghaxaq Li Se Issir Nhar Il-Hadd 4 Ta’ Jannar 2009 Fl-10am. Waqt L-Wirja Se Jippartecipaw L-Kazini Tal-Baned Li Jeseggwixu L-Istandarti Rispettivi Taghhom.
    Ghalhekk Qed Nistiednu L-Istazzjon U L-Kamra Tal-Ahbarijiet Taghkom Biex Tigu Tiffilmjaw U Iggibu L-Wirja Fuq L-Ahbarijiet U L-Istazzjon Rispettiv Taghkom.

    Grazzi Mill-Qalb U Dejjem Taghkom,
    Evan Abela
    Segretarju Ghaqda Tal-Armar Festa Titulari Hal Ghaxaq

    Comment by Roderick | December 31, 2008 | Reply

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