I have become very skeptical about hidden agendas of the Media (both visual and written).They seem to have become more diversionary instruments for Politicians. The victim becoming the Public.
I have dedicated to express myself , by the creation of this blog. The reason being that Newspaper and Political Party websites do not respect one’s right to privacy. They explicitly instruct you to register with your full personal data that can end up being used to politically victimize or labele one as an extremist (most papers , Government, and Political parties like to label those expressing themselves in a different manner are normally labeled as racists or Xenophobes), when your true concerns are the deterioration of one’s Country systems, the likes of Social Welfare, the right to work for one’s family progress, Better education access even to those citizens that fall behind, the right to medical care, discipline and security, care for the elderly, right to govern one’s own Country without interference, influence or dictation from foreign entities. That is why Freedom of speech and expression in Malta is only superficial.

Hope one finds some interesting reading in my blog, and feel free to leave comments, I can assure you that your comments will be posted and not censored like Malta Newspaper Blog sites that records your comments, access and interests

The Editor


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