Europe – Lost Idenity , A lost civilization

I am going to start with a statement that everybody knows it’s true but everybody is in denial of:

When your own country sucks because your people have ruined it, the only thing to do is to go steal someone else’s…

Unfortunately, the Ghost that keep haunting most Europeans is the heavy burden carried from past wars in Europe. Now Europe just like an old man that is intellectually capable of thinking smart and able to have a vision for the future, it’s (Europe) body is weak and feeble in realizing those dreams.

We have bought into an unsustainable idea that giving up one’s Country for the European enrichment is good.

 Those who subscribe to this idea because they presume that it will bring them out of a lower/standard of living to a higher/standard of living  and income bracket will realize how wrong they are for these simple reasons.

The harder you work will not be an incentive to elevate you out of poverty alas it will be an incentive for Governments to part you from your earnings to give it away to those that live off the system.

I am convinced of this due to the fact that no matter how honestly one worked in his life, when one retires after completing his working life to retirement and contributing all his working life to his Country and society, he ends up deprived of a decent standard of living that rapidly sends him back into poverty. A sort of a snakes and ladders board game that an honest worker is playing through all his working life aiming to win the game where the last square for winning the game has a snake that sends him down to the first square called poverty!
How can someone really believe Governments that says, let us all in our village(Europe) sell our property (European Countries) and we will all buy into this big mansion (called Europe) where all the village (European Countries) can live, There will be a total of 736 shares (MEP’s) to this mansion where Malta will have (MEP’s) 5 shares and the other Countries have different amount, this same Mansion (Europe) will be managed (European Commission) not by the investors (European Citizens), but by their investment broker (European Governments) that really says his aim is to give value to investors.

This is well and good, if only he points you to the fine print where it says ‘Your investment can go up or go down, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, etc etc’ and your broker also does not inform you of your investment risks (type of risk, currency implications etc). The only thing an investor knows 100% is that there are implications for subscribing into the investment and exiting the investment, and that the broker has a monetary gain in making you as an investor to part with your wealth. If things go wrong then tough luck.

This is today’s EU, a plan to gamble Countries in the stock market(Complicated integration of Countries) instead of operating each Country like a Business in a free market where traders (Countries) compete with each other for the creation of wealth of all stake holders (Country and its citizens).

Now this is a simplified version that one can relate to more than the jargon that most Governments like to refer to. Everybody knows about the bubble bursts and stock markets crashes (including the inflated evaluation of non-existant wealth), but I know for sure that if the EU bubble bursts, its implications will be war and chaos.

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