Malta Government Back Stabs Italy and the Italians

The Maltese Government, last week tried to ease the Maltese Public preoccupation, by stating that illegal immigrants will be assisted in their needs at sea if required and let them get underway to their destination. This is after Italy has been trying its best to stop illegal immigration by patrolling international waters and illegal immigrants found at sea, were and will be taken back to Libya (their point of departure) following an expensive agreement Italy made with the Libyan Authorities and investing in giving the Libyan Authorities new fast patrol vessels for deterring illegal immigrants reaching Italian shores and territories.

Again, today, in a news paper report from Brussels, contradicts the Maltese Government’s stance by indicating that Maltese patrols will be working with Frontex Patrol Missions and that their Mission rules of engagement have not changed and that illegal immigrants found in international waters will be taken to the close port of refuge. It is obvious that illegal immigrants will avoid Italian territory which leaves Malta as their only remaining option as a Safe option in getting into Europe. This augurs well in the recent investments that the Maltese Government is undertaking in expanding and refurbishing illegal immigrants reception centre in Malta. It is also obvious that with Italy out of the picture, Frontex serving as a ferry service for illegal immigrants to Malta, and the Expansion of receptions centers in Malta, can only mean that not only the Maltese Government lied again to the Maltese Public regarding illegal immigration, on the contrary, he is preparing Malta from a massive influx of illegal immigrants, rumors has it that even detention will be reduced to four months after June.

Well I hope that the Maltese public is happy now that they assisted in sentencing our very existence out of Malta. I gave up on my home Country and it looks like it is set to be doomed back into poverty and an eventual Islamic state of Malta. ,I will be not surprised to In the future see our Maltese girls back in their ‘ghonnela’ and all their rights acquired in the last couple of decades lost to Islam, as there is enough of them to over run our security forces (police and military), then the Island is theirs, our statesman that betrayed you now don’t expect them to fight for you then as they will be gone to their ‘second’ home in Europe. Italy’s Frattini was right, turn Malta into an illegal migrant’s refuge for Europe. That day is fast approaching and its not a matter of if but of when.

By the Maltese Government back stabbing Italy in Europe and on the world stage regarding Italy’s stance and recently Italian Parliament laws regarding illegal immigration to protect Italy and the Italian citizens from illegal immigration invasion of Italian property, will in no way help Malta and the Maltese. Trying to get a free ride by demonizing Italy’s stance will in no way prevent Malta’s illegal Immigrant invasion of the islands. By letting NGO’s run the Country will only further our suspicions’ of the Maltese Government betrayal to the Nation and abdication of ALL MP’s responsibility towards our security and welfare. They betrayed us for the unaccountable amount of euros they stole from Europe. After June elections for European MEP’s Malta is doomed. Trust the PL and PN, better trust the devil, or else you are a brainless fool!!

Reported Today on The Times of Malta:</strong>

Friday, 15th May 2009
Frontex mission will not send migrants back to Libya
Ivan Camilleri, Brussels

The EU’s anti-immigration patrols will not turn back immigrants to Libya, as Italy is doing, but “will keep on following the current rules of engagement as established since 2006”.
“At the moment Frontex does not plan to change the operational plan for the Nautilus 2009. The Italian development is based on bilateral agreements between Italy and Libya. Frontex is coordinating cooperation between member states but the command and control stays in hands of the hosting country.”

The mission, in fact, is being hosted by Malta and according to a Frontex spokesman speaking to The Times yesterday from Warsaw, everything is business as usual and Frontex does not have any intention to return people to Libya, which is Italy’s new policy.
So far the Commission has failed to comment on Italy’s practice which has been heavily criticised by the UN’s refugee agency UNHCR, the Vatican’s commission on migration and even the Council of Europe for breaching migrants’ human rights.

The main line of protest is that by pushing migrants back out to sea, Italy is not giving immigrants an opportunity to apply for asylum as it is their right to.

Apart from Malta, which is hosting the mission through its armed forces, this year’s €10 million EU patrol mission is also being assisted by two helicopters from Germany and an aircraft from Luxembourg.

Italy and Finland are also taking part through experts who will assist the Maltese authorities.

It is not yet clear what the Frontex mission has achieved so far although the number of illegal immigrants coming to Malta since the start of the operation last month has been very limited. Similar operations during the past three years have not really had the desired effect as Malta was still reached by thousands of illegal immigrants.

According to the rules of engagement used in past years, the Frontex mission will only intervene if immigrants are in distress. In these cases, they are given help and taken to the nearest safe port.

Meanwhile, following last week’s development when Libya started taking back illegal immigrants found by Italy in international waters, the two countries are expected to start joint patrols for the first time in Libya’s territorial waters.

Yesterday, a ceremony was held in the Port of Gaeta in which Italy officially passed on to Libya three patrol boats to be used in these missions.

Italy’s Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said during the ceremony that Italy was investing to secure Europe’s borders and the EU should take note and start doing the same to help countries such as Italy, Malta and Greece.

These joint patrols, which were meant to have got under way earlier in the year but were postponed several times, form part of a bilateral agreement signed between Rome and Tripoli which also includes substantial financial assistance to Libya.

According to Minister Maroni, these joint patrols should stop illegal immigrants departing from Libya to Lampedusa and southern Italy. Almost all illegal immigrants arriving in Malta leave from the 2,000 kilometre long Libyan coast.


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