Malta MP's – European MEP's – UK MP's – Expenses Transperency!!

UK Politicians and Politics can only be described as in a real mess. The voting UK public are utterly disgraced behavior in claiming of expenses by MP’s. With the revelation and publication of claims made by UK Mp’s of major Parties, that a few months ago where calling Bankers Fat Cats, are no more than fat pigs themselves when it comes to help themselves in tax payers money.

The UK Parliament currently consists of , (New sic) Labour 350 seats, Conservative 193 seats, Liberal Democrat 63 seats, Scottish National Party/Plaid Cymru 10 seats, Democratic Unionist 10 seats, Sinn Fein 5 seats (Have not taken their seats and cannot vote) , Social Democratic & Labour Party 3 seats, Independent 5 seats, Independent Conservative 1 seat, Independent Labour 1seat, Ulster Unionist 1 seat, Respect 1 seat, Speaker & 3 Deputies 4 seats (Do not normally vote)– for a grand total of 646

UK Parliament Website
UK Parliament MP’s Salary
UK MP’s Allowances
UK MP’s Greenbook

UK Parliament Party Composition


Now that is enough said about UK Politicians. I am getting increasingly worried of wasted tax payers of MEP, as they are also never transparent or have their expenses scrutinized, to top it all they voted themselves a pay rise for 2009 when everybody else is asked to cut back, losing his job or losing his home.

 They are the least accountable lot that hide their tracks from investigative media reporters or publishing their audits. Thank God for the leaked Galvin report.

Interesting Reading about Galvin Report

Galvin Report on EU Taxpayer’s money wasting, and unaccountability

Then we come to our local MP’s in Malta. Never, but never have I seen any published break down report of MP’s expenses. The rule of thumb between the PL and PN has always been you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

A well known secrets that most of our MP’s are involved in private Companies, and some have shares in each other’s Companies. What is more interesting is that our media does not even try to access any of these documents and inform the Public, as they are duty bound to do (remember the media adage: keeping the public informed).

The reason being that our media don’t like to rock the boat as they too have their snouts in the trough.

 Below is our Parliament Mission Statement and links to MP’s and Ministers code of ethics. All are full of lawyer type word jargon so that they leave themselves enough loop holes to escape any scrutiny of any wrong doing.

Who will ever help and care of our tax money, no wonder all of us Europeans are in such a mess trying to make ends meet and living from hand to mouth.Are all the thieves really imprisoned!!

Mission Statement (Malta Parliament)

The Maltese House of Representatives, through its elected representatives, is accountable to the people of Malta for the provision and conduct of representative government in the interest of Maltese citizens.

Towards this end the Office of the Clerk is duty bound to deliver effective, apolitical, professional and innovative services to support the efficient conduct of the House of Representatives, its committees as well as a range of services and facilities for Members of Parliament. 

Maltese Parliament Mission Statement 

Maltese Ministers Code of Ethics

Maltese MP’s Code of Ethics



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