Europe – What should EU be working for

Mr Barroso asked Europeans to write on issues of their concerns; I decided to contribute by stating a few issues of my own with these 25 points to start with:

Europe started off on the right track at the beginning, unfortunately over the years it has become stagnant with unaccountability. All Europe Union needs is a cleanup in these fields:

1. Independent auditing of EU finance, and made public (unlike The Galvin Report and other reports). Transparency in MEP, other employees within its institutions and contracts for services within the EU intuitions. Independent Auditors and media to have complete access to inform the Public of health financial practices are being observed.

2. Accountability and follow up on EU money given to as aide to external Countries, ensuring that money given as aide is also conditioned with those countries signing UN Human Rights Conventions and treaties or at least European Human Rights Conventions and Treaties.

3. A decent assault throughout the EU to eliminate modern day slavery in prostitution , Human Trafficking, Corrupt Government personnel and Politicians, Use of Human organs by hospitals.

4. Improvement on European Security, EU countries should know who is living in their Country and has some form of secure identification.

5. Transparent Public Servants (Those paid by public taxes) should declare all their finances, the EU should be able to investigate a disproportionate financial gain.

6. Trusting the European voting public, unlike the forcing on Countries an EU constitution cum treaty, The EU should encourage referenda across the EU Countries on sensitive issues that affects future generations. The forcing of an EU constitution/treaty like the one forced on French, Dutch and Irish (all voted No and the EU denied them that right) while other Counties throughout the EU did not even respect their citizens in asking a vote of confidence in the EU Constitution. (Another interpretation of Democracy in Europe maybe?)

7. EU intervention on Countries involved in blatant breach of humanitarian rights in the likes of Sudan, Somalia, Zimbabwe. Common Policy in forcing UN to restructure to reflect modern day requirements. UN is another organization stuck in time and requires modern up to date regulations that apply to all Nations or none.

8. Embark on easing financial strains on European families, While the EU acknowledges that EU Governments will be facing an aging population, it does nothing to encourage Europeans to procreate, instead burdening European families with all kinds of taxes and tariffs that totally discourages the family structure.

9. Respecting Countries in the EU that encourage long term commitment of a family make-up. Family make up should be defined (ie male+female= new born), without denying the right of those wanting to marry into the same sex (cannot be classed as family), or the men and women that can’t bare their own offspring and decide to adopt or foster children (can be defined as family).

10. Illegal Immigration is to be stopped with the repatriation of those not eligible to refugee status, Those acquiring refugee status should state their Country of preference within the EU in applying for protection and Countries should comply with their wishes.

11. Sanctioning those Countries unwilling to take back their Nationals found to be illegally on EU territory or ask for money to take back their Nationals (Blackmailing Europe)

12. Unless an ulterior motive is being brewed with the EU into importing illegal immigrants as an easy alternative to European families. Illegal Immigrants shall not be granted settlement in Europe. If there would be an EU country requiring workers, it should be able to first import workers from within the EU and the through EU offices set up in Countries that comply with UN conventions and treaties in poor countries and vetted for employment with limited timescale. Companies willing to employ such nationals shall be responsible for these workers from entry to exit into the EU.

13. All those that employ illegally Nationals not having a right to employment within the EU should be treated as a criminal act (black/illicit economy) and made to pay heavily for their actions.

14. Stop this craze called Global warming, it is another tax scam created by Governments for easy monetary gain. It is a well known fact that all the planets revolving round the Sun have been and still goes through hot and cold phases. It happened before, it’s happening now and it will happen in the future. Use and development of alternative energy resources is fine for the right reasons not for a lame excuse.

15. Carbon emissions should not be the burden on EU Countries to such an extent that EU Industries and Companies close their doors to EU workers because they become less competitive and move to Countries that don’t give a hoot about CO2 emissions (ie: China, India, South America and Africa). Stop trading our good air for their stale air. Carbon emissions should be a UN responsibility with all Countries adopting a timeline not just carried by EU.

16. Stopping the abuse by the wealthy and their accomplices (lawyers and bankers) in misinterpretation of tax laws to their advantage by evading taxes and use of tax havens, non-working Companies/corporations being used as smoke screens to evade taxes.

17. Rapid response entity to co-ordinate aide to an emergency within the EU (ie: natural disasters) and beyond to safe guard humanitarian crisis. Security EU forces to deal with extremism, fundamentalism, and terrorism within the EU.

18. Rapid response entity to assistance required by an EU Company that comes under treat of aggression or fraud (Piracy, like in Somalia or persons defrauded in Nigeria)
19. Treating like with like. If EU citizens are not allowed to own property or business in another Country, so the same response should apply to that County’s citizens within the EU. (Most Countries outside the EU)

20. The right for EU citizens to minimum standard of living (affordability of energy, health and Education)

21. Stop supporting crime, crime is punishable by law with no hiding place within the EU, stop insulting victims of crime by releasing criminals on the streets (especially repeat offenders), EU seems more concerned with a criminal’s rights than the victim’s rights (both should have rights but of a complete dimension). EU lacking discipline and respect.

22. Streamline EU Governments by illegalizing protectionism through taxation (ie: car affordability in Malta is lacking through high taxation on imported cars from within the EU, thereby suffocating fair competition). It should be encouraged to use environmentally efficient cars and transport as is alternative use of energy.

23. An EU wide television network that is involved in educating its citizens in how the EU works and where citizens of the EU can follow EU discussions in all EU institutions.

24. EU citizens are made to comply with his own Country Laws, EU laws and UN Laws. It is absurd that each of these entities impose some form of tax or financial burden for doubled work. It’s no more than Beurocracy and citizens having to pay threefold for our services.

25. Jobs for the blue eyed boys should end within it’s institutions. MEP’s should not be allowed to be employers within the EU intuitions, which a source of corruption, instead EU should have an office where an MEP requests the services required and jobs are distributed throughout EU Countries job centre’s, which will be short listed and interviews done at an EU office by a group of qualified interviewers, eliminating jobs given to friends and family members in the process.


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