Can Berlusconi ever replace Barroso in Europe’s defence

Unlike the scared and numb approach taken by the Gonzi Government (PN Party) and the Labour Party’s, a new approach has been taken by Italy to defend its Country from unreasonable responsability dumped on them by the UN, the EU and other un-elected groups. Finally the Italian population said enough is enough, and only those deserving shall get the protection deserved. Their insight, that by just simply following the do-gooders ambitions into taking responsability of the millions waiting to cross over to Europe from Africa, will not only be distructive to Italy’s future progress, but also a strain on all the social structures in Italy. It will be a burden on the law and order instruments, their health care system a, their education system and their social network, their by leaving no finance left for the Government to provide these services paid by the Italian Tax payer.

On the other hand the Malta Government, unlike the Italian approach, is waiting fot Italy to get all the flack from International do-gooders while piggy back on Italian good will, which in the process will ease Malta’s Illegal Immigration problem without the bad publicity. Not that their is no willing prospective Maltese Leaders capable in defending Malta’s and Maltese citizen rights, it is that these leaders are not to be found in the two mainstream political parties (Labour Party and Nationalist Party), that discriminate and control the freedom of small rival prospective political parties (Alternativa Demokratika and Azzjoni Nazzjonali and other small independent groups). By manipulating the media and the advantage of owning their own brain washing media (even the Malta Broadcasting Authority is made up of ‘Independent’ persons agreed upon by Labour and Nationalist elite executives). The mid last century idea of gagging the freedom of speech being accessible to the majority still prevails, which still remain dead locked with the Labour and Nationalist Parties manipulating the electoral agenda. Altough they are far from each other’s allies (unless out of the public eye) their common denominator is, as it always have been to eliminate any political competition, even if the other arch rival wins the election, their (Nationalist and Labour) common enemy is all other parties or groups that can expose the truth in Maltese politics. They are aided by the ‘Maltese Independent Media’ (and that is audio/visual and printed media, INCLUDING THE PUBLIC MEDIA PAID BY TAX PAYER MONEY).It takes a leader to defend ones country NOT JUST A POLITICIAN. Maltese politicians should look at Italy and learn how to become a statesman and graduate from ameture politics. If you can’t stand the heat, than get out of the Kitchen and chose an alternative creer.

Here is a news paper report on Berlusconi’s approach gathering public support in Malta and Italy:Monday, 11th May 2009
Italy steams ahead against immigration
Berlusconi lambasts idea of ‘a multi-ethnic Italy’

Defender of Europe's Future

Defender of Europe's Future

About 500 migrants have been pushed back towards the Libyan coast by the Italian authorities in the last few days, Italian Home Affairs Minister Roberto Maroni said yesterday, reiterating Italy’s stand against the influx of illegal immigrants from the north African coast.

“We started five days ago and until today we have already pushed back more than six boatloads of about 500 illegal migrants who would have been hosted by us,” he said.
“This is an important shift, even if not something absolutely new, but a decisive step in our approach to Libya, the departure point of 90 per cent of the illegal immigrants who disembark at Lampedusa. By stopping the haemorrhage from Libya, we can say that the wound of illegal immigration has been solved. It was not easy.”

He was dismissive of the criticism that has been directed at Italy over the human rights aspect of the new policy, mainly by the UNHCR and the Vatican’s Migrants Commission. “I confirm and guarantee that I am ignoring the criticism, the accusation, at times violent, that is made by some representative of the UN, who is not the UN, and from some Catholic organisation, that is not the Vatican. We are the guarantors for all Europe, not only for Italy.”
The Maltese Home Affairs Ministry last Thursday welcomed Italy’s decision to return, for the first time, a group of rescued migrants to Libya. Under the terms of an agreement reached with Libya, the Italian coast guard took 227 migrants, rescued at sea off Lampedusa last Wednesday, back to Tripoli, where they had started their journey across the Mediterranean.

The news was described as a historic achievement by Mr Maroni.
The Italians’ shift in position over illegal immigration started when they initially refused to take in 140 migrants picked up by the Turkish ship Pinar E some 34 miles off Lampedusa over three weeks ago, insisting that Malta should do so as the rescue had taken place in its search and rescue area.

Rai24 reported that yesterday, 162 migrants, including 42 women and two newborn babies, who were picked up by an Italian patrol boat in international waters south of Lampedusa, arrived near Tripoli.

The migrants will be transferred to a Libyan detention centre just like the other group of 227 migrants who were picked up by the Italians and taken to Twescha last Thursday, some 35 kilometres from Tripoli.

Yesterday morning another boat carrying some 70 migrants sent a distress call by satellite phone saying they were navigating in the Sicily channel. According to the GPS coordinates, however, the migrants were further south, between Maltese and Libyan waters, Rai24 reported.

Last Saturday Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi seemed to bless Mr Maroni’s approach towards illegal immigration when he openly rejected the vision of a multi-ethnic Italy.
Mr Berlusconi’s conservative government has won public favour by cracking down on illegal immigration, allowing the premier to go a step further as he defended a new policy to deport migrants to Libya before they arrive on Italian shores.

“The left’s idea is of a multi-ethnic Italy,” Mr Berlusconi told a news conference. “That’s not our idea, ours is to welcome only those who meet the conditions for political asylum,” he added.

His remarks sparked sharp debate yesterday as he won praise from far-right allies and earned accusations of racism from the left.

Long a country of emigrants, Italy in recent years has been grappling with an influx of poor African migrants arriving on its shores and Eastern Europeans seeking work, sparking fears over crime and a loss of national identity, Reuters said.

Mr Berlusconi’s affirmation, which made headlines in Italian newspapers, was welcomed by the Northern League, a junior government ally that says unchecked immigration threatens Italy.

“This underscores a revolutionary change from the past,” said the far-right party’s Roberto Calderoli, recommending honorary party membership for Mr Berlusconi.
Immigration has been high on the political agenda ever since Mr Berlusconi took power a year ago pledging a clampdown on illegal immigrants that his government blames for a spike in crime.

“Once upon a time there were just a few of us defending Italian identity, now with the Prime Minister’s words we are in the majority,” Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa said.


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