Malta and European Democracy

Democracy is a funny thing. With Europe boasting that it is the cradle of democracy, the crème de la crème when it comes to respecting freedom for European citizens. A role model for world Countries to respect mankind.

On paper and legislation, the EU and its member states they look honorable and a good cause to work and aim for, but what is the reality.

Unaccountability in EU institutions is a well known fact. The extravagance and the expensive operational conduct in doing EU business in Brussels and Strasbourg is financially irresponsible and waste of tax payers money, as is MEP behavior when it comes to the financial package an MEP receives for his services, which is another unaccountable exercise, instead of leading by example they illustrate that tax money can be used at their free will with no accountability, then they claim that the financial crisis with the massive bail outs from States and Countries was due to Financial Institutions Fat Cats. Who are they kidding? They are just as irresponsible. The EU boast itself as being the single highest contributor to poor Countries, I can assure everyone that with the amount of money the EU poured out to poor Countries, each citizen of those poor Countries should be at least a millioner by now. So what happened, why for example are African Countries still in the bad old shape as they were in the middle ages? Again EU Beurocracy and unaccountability is breeding ground for corruption and the want for more free aide. Even in recognition of NGO’s that do actually work for noble causes, and actually receive EU monetary contributions for their input, in my opinion they will never make headway, unless all aide for lifting people out of poverty is coupled by those Countries wanting aide become fully subscribed participants’ to UN charters and conventions. One cannot de-couple politics from humanitarian agencies; otherwise you are only creating temporary relief but permanent grief to those in need. The way the whole aid agencies and NGO’s sharad is going in this world is creating unorganized resources in both human and financial going to waste. Groups working for the same cause should merge and not compete in this sphere, there goes tax and charity money down the drain again, just for the sake of the glory not the cause.

The same democracy that the EU states are proud of is suffocating the freedom of speech and expression. I say this because instead of our Politicians coming out with their honest vision for the EU vis a vis the future of the EU, they keep feeding us their promise of Confederation of European States, while in reality their aim is Federal States of Europe. The reason why I am convinced of this is because the whole of EU in Brussels and European leaders did not trust their citizens with a referendum for the adaptation of an EU constitution, and the ones that where entrusted with a referendum and voted against (France and Netherland and Ireland) where ridiculed and either bypassed (French and Dutch citizens), while the Irish will be forced into another referendum with the only changes being cosmetic, namely from a constitution into a binding treaty with hardly any changes in the text of both. Other Countries where even more degrading towards their citizens, that they did not even discuss the implications or hold a referendum with their citizens to at least involve EU citizens in being participants’ and feeling part of the European Union project. This is democracy in Europe today, year 2009. In the good old days it used to be called treason, but today even the media EU puppets have a lot to lose by informing the public about the implications let alone investigating the subject.
Talking about the media and democracy is even a more weird marriage of two very different species. In Malta freedom of speech seems to be only granted if the two main parties agree to let it happen. While both the Labour Party and the Nationalist Party have their own media (printed and audio visual), paid by their own undisclosed funding, other competing parties do not have this privilege, not even on state TV. Their exposure to the public is very limited, often in interrupted group talk shows, but that is democracy as interpreted by the PL and PN. The AD ,AN and other minority parties have an uphill struggle with all sorts of obstacles in expressing their policies to the public just because the Government says they don’t have enough support. Well , when these situations happen in Countries outside the EU we call them police States, Undemocratic Counties and all kinds of unfavorable description that one can find in a political dictionary , but not if it happens in an EU County.

What the EU needs is not less participation, but more. The European public is much, much more intelligent than the MEP’s combined give them credit for. In today’s electronic age there is no excuse why the EU public cannot participate more in deciding for Europe, internet access has made communication and polling an everyday thing, but only if Politicians have the will, albeit exposing their true zest for power. Not because it is not possible, its because they want to keep a stronghold and control the public. They only have to make their efforts and lame excuses once every five years and then go into hibernation till the next election.

EU democracy, preach it to the birds, you might learn a thing or two.

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