Malta MEP European Election – The Heat is on

The heat is on traditional Political Parties in Malta and in most of Europe, for the upcoming MEP elections.
The Gonzi Government in Malta, is doing its utmost, to create the perfect lies, resorting to the same tactics that worked in winning by the slightest margin in the last election. The government would like to portray an image of a strong government, but it is showing how weak it really is.
Like it or not, most of the Maltese Electorate will be voting those candidates that will show some true Maltese Patriotic values, that respects those that gave up their lives protecting the Islands. Mosy of those that died fighting for the islands in past wars, would not have shed a single drop of their blood in Malta’s defense, if only they knew that their fore bearers would simply give it up to invading illegal immigrants. The PN betrayed them and future generations for Euros. There is no other way to describe the PN’s actions other than betrayal to the Maltese Citizens. All you hear r PN’s activists and Politician’s mouths is how Europe is doing its utmost and how much financial assistance Malta is getting in alleviating the Illegal Immigration problem, well , its not. Europe is turning Malta into a concentration camp for illegal Immigration, leaving the local population to fend on their own, as not even our representatives have been able to come in our defense or to protect the Nation. Instead, even legislation has been passed to protect the invaders, with unfair assistance to illegal immigrants while our poor are getting poorer, citizens being continually bombarded with taxes and tariffs, our health system giving preferential treatment to those that have not contributed a cent towards the Nation, unfair employment rules that illegal immigrants work illicitly while the honest citizen declares every cent that was earned by his efforts, every single personal data of the Maltese citizen is known to our Authorities while illegal immigrants roam freely with no record of their identity or past history known.
Yes, Gonzi and his Party have failed the Nation, he is betraying the Nation for the sake of playing into the EU’s master plan in their experimentation as to what would happen to a Nation when the amount of foreigners surpass the actual inhabitants of a Country, then they can take the necessary steps to avoid it happening to mainland Europe. Malta is the ideal place for such an experiment that can produce fast results, as it is small enough to be overcome by the invaders in just a few years. It is also small enough not to create problems to Europe in any manner whatsoever , it can also help Europe by eliminating the strain on their education system, leaving that burden on the Maltese Nation, then they can reap the benefits in the future, Europe will have the peace of mind that disease can be controlled and confined and isolated to our islands, eliminating the cost of having to strain their health and welfare system while burdening the Maltese infrastructure to capitulate.
Malta was Europe’s envy, but now being destroyed for the sake of money that our politicians are interested in, if only Mintoff was younger!
This will all happen, as will turning Malta to an eventual Rwanda. That is what happens when Politicians are descendants of past politicians and not trained in loving and protecting their Country, that is what happens when the love and patriotic values for one’s Country is superseded by for the love of Europe, that is what happens when betrayal of one’s Country is translated to words like compromise and co-operation. That is what happens when we become the only Nation abiding by International conventions and regulations while other Countries can bend and twist them to their own advantageous requirements.
The Citizens have one shot to get it right and correct the situation every five years and they’d better get it right and foresee the consequences in that only shot. That is their vote. Voting wisely and voting for the love of your Country is paramount, as that is the only true place that you can rely on for your education, health, employment, Law and order and raising one’s family. If your representatives betray these values, not only will one’s Country be destroyed, you would have participated in its destruction and extinction. True Politicians resign when not capable of living up to the citizens expectations not remain in office for his own personal gain. Politics is a different breed of employment, as they have to be in Love with their Country and LOVE to serve its citizens, a breed lacking in Malta, where politicians become in LOVE with their own wealth and power , they are not serving us they are continually lying and betraying us.
Vote wisely in the next MEP elections, anticipate the outcome, traditional parties have become passive in their protection of the Nation and safe guarding our future and future generations. Their lying has become their only virtue, but come the day after the election, the same deterioration of our Country continues. God speed Malta, and may you and your citizens come to your defense, as our forefathers did , and hold your name up with pride.


May 2, 2009 - Posted by | Gonzi, Illegal Immegration, Illegal Immigration, Incompetent Malta Government, Malta Government, Malta Nationalist Party, Malta Prime Minister, Maltese, PN

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