Libya's new terrorism Tactics

The Libyan Colonel Kaddafi, must have not learned his lesson, that the days of terror are over. He has not learned his lesson, with all the hardship he cost his citizens to bear for a long time. He just persists in bringing Europe into submission, a tactic that is working through the large investments by giant European and US oil Companies, that finance political parties and due to these countries dependence on Libyan oil.

He changed his tactics, by instead of terrorist training camps and direct financial support to terrorist organizations, he is has his eyes set of infiltrating terrorists into Europe through his well calculated plan, in allowing his military to aide human trafficking crossing Libya and allowing them their freedom if they only agree to cross over to Europe (with holding some of their family members in Libya till the Libyan Leaders mission is satisfied).
His mission and dirty tactics does not end for his hate of Europe and the US , but goes as far as Sudan instability and as far as supplies and trade with Somalia, supplying armaments in return of terrorizing European and US shipping off the Somali coast.

Evidence to this is the amount of targeted European and US ships or Companies.
His tactics are succeeding, and he is encouraging all sides to increase their activities. Illegal Migrants are easy and soft targets as they bear the sympathy of most western countries, but with this activity increasing on a daily basis, the Libyan Military have grow accustomed to stealing the illegal immigrants money in return of safe passage and no harassment through the Libyan vast desert. Libya has a vast interest in Sudan instability as Sudan has become the main source of supply of illegal immigrants that have no alternative but moving on in search of a better future.

Libya has a calculated and vested interest in achieving the aim in having an authorative voice in the Arab world. The Libyan Leader has been held on record of his aim to turn Europe and the West into Muslim states by the year 2050, he is also held on record of supporting the Somali pirates and that they have the right to seize ships crossing off the Somali coast, he also supports the eradication of the Sudani Christian population by supplying and giving safe haven in Libya to the Muslim Militants in Sudan.

What has the west done to teach this ruthless leader a lesson? Absolutely nothing. Not even after the Berlin bombings or the Lockerbie atrocities, he was not made to sign UN conventions. He is also allowed to trade his only source (Oil) for sponsoring these activities and allowing EU/US oil companies to continue investing in this rogue country that has no compassion in the abuse and suffering of its victims. EU countries even give direct investment and finance to Libya (Italy agreed to pay Libya 5 Billion Dollars disguised as an apology for the Italian occupation in Libya from 1911 to 1943) apart from direct aid from the EU mainly from France, France being the largest arms supplier to Libya.

What is the West gaining from all its lack of vision. An invasion and the future Muslimisation of their Countries.


May 2, 2009 - Posted by | France, Illegal Immegration, Italy, Libya, Terrorism, United Nations

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