Malta MEP’s – Run up to EU Parliamentary Elections 2009 –

Soon we will get the political parties pestering us again. The TV stations private, political and national will be awash with brain washing us with cheap propaganda and the usual mudslinging on petty issues with no serious debates on real issues that the Maltese public demands answers for.
They will all show us how our beloved Political Parties, especially the Nationalist and Labour Parties will be presenting us with the crème del a crème of the most hard working elements for the benefit of Malta and the Maltese. I do not think that the Maltese Public is mature enough to know the Political cunningness, lies and Political scams that are used to hypnotize and manipulate the public to vote for the, mostly coming from either a PN or a PL camps, all other parties are normally marginalized from access to public exposure.
Let’s for a minute review the last election.
1. Our now Prime Minister Lied to the public as did the PN General Secretary about the Jeffery Pulicino Orlando Mistra scandal……… and what came out of it, total silence and buried to history, what’s even worse and more scandalous is the fact that he is still serving the highest institution of the land, our parliament. This makes a mockery of the seriousness of our representatives and the highest institution of our island.
2. The first thing on taking office, behind the opposition’s back, Our Prime Minister signed the Partnership for peace (PFP), which was not discussed with the opposition especially with election won by the PN by a wafer thin majority and the above mentioned scandal.
3. The multitude of promises, including the much promised MEPA reform to rid land and construction speculators (the backbone of Nationalist financial supporters), into some kind of environmentally friendly rules and regulations that apply to all citizens of the land.
4. The much promised road construction from EU funds project to start, and has so far not even materialized, with roads deteriorating to such an extent, that a new car will become unroad worth in less than a year should VRT be carried out to EU standards.
5. Never seriously challenging EU and UN in regards of Illegal Immigration, making us the ‘yes men’, instead the PN signed a treaty with the EU that leads to Voluntary Burden sharing of these immigrants to which no EU County has yet obliged to comply with never, making us the laughing stock of other EU nations, with the latest UN report making a mockery of us for our attempts of at least trying to do the best we can with what we have.
6. The Criminalizing Law, under the racial hatred law for any national that expresses his opinion against illegal immigration (undefined and with loopholes to prevent rival political parties to present their concerns on all future consequences to the Nation without being liable for enactment of this law).
7. The exorbitant increase of energy pricing, when oil prices collapsed with no transparent auditing of the profit margin being made by the Government owned energy monopoly, which money is incentivizing inefficiencies by management of this Government run Corporation
8. The stealing of public money from the unfair Airport tax that was recently abolished due to EU’s insistence and pressure but never refunded to those having to pay this airport tax which was only imposed on those leaving the island.
9. The Government stealing from the public on the exorbitant fees imposed on those opting to buy their car from Europe or overseas, that instead of incentivizing the public to exchange their car to a modern less polluting ones, the government charged VAT on Tax, which had to be changed, again because of EU pressure, but still the Government managed to modify and twist and turn this issue by now orchestrating bigger revenue from all motorists by overhauling the licensing system that is devised to exclude commercial vehicles from paying up on pollution while private motorists carry all the burden . In essence instead of taxing the amount of fuel used paid obviously by all those that use fossil fuel in line with the polluter pays mechanism, the Government left a loop hole to leave profit margins to businessmen and Construction magnets that support the Government’s Party .
10. The PN’s New General Secretary’s leaked email sent to Government Departments to send Private information of citizens complaining to Government Departments (Data Protection act).
11. The supposedly hearse reform that caused public transport chaos last year, where eventually the Ministry in charge still did not liberalize the sector, with the cartel is still alive and kicking , while the Government even paid off the cartel’s predecessors to end the deadlock. With now an even bigger cartel where promised competition pricing is virtually non existent
12. The promised Public Transport reform, which is always an ongoing issue as sure sunshine in July, with antiquated public transport and the usual time delaying tactics and talks about talks and studies about studies, in short taking the Public for a free ride.
13. The disorganized and manipulation of public funds from Social Security Abusers, instead of closing the loop on abusers, Government is incentivizing abusers with no harsh penalties and no real checks in place to stop abuse of the system ( most abuse occurs in assistance to unmarried mothers, unemployment benefits, benefits to separated couples, marriage of convenience etc)
14. The disorganized running of the multi million euro state of the art hospital that is not living up to ageous requirements.
The Citizens have one shot to get it right and correct the situation every five years and they’d better get it right and foresee the consequences in that only shot. That is their vote. Voting wisely and voting for the love of your Country is paramount, as that is the only true place that you can rely on for your education, health, employment, Law and order and raising one’s family. If your representatives betray these values, not only will one’s Country be destroyed, you would have participated in its destruction and extinction. True Politicians resign when not capable of living up to the citizens expectations not remain in office forhe 2008 financial crisis. And discusses why financial and economic experts missed the signs of the credit crunch. It also explores the policy decisions that have placed the emerging world- China, Russia and the Middle East, in pole position to become the dominant economic players in the 21st century.

Early Praise
Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General
  Dambisa Moyo makes a compelling case for a new approach in Africa. Her message is that “Africa’s time is now”. It is time for Africans to assume full control over their economic and political destiny. Africans should grasp the many means and opportunities available to them for improving the quality of life.

Dambisa is hard – perhaps too hard – on the role of aid. But her central point is indisputable. The determination of Africans, and genuine partnership between Africa and the rest of the world, is the basis for growth and development.   

Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine
  The widsom contained here-if absorbed by African and global policymakers-will turn this chronically-depressed continent into an inspiring miracle of dazzling economic growth.   

Foreword by Niall Ferguson

It has long seemed to me problematic, and even a little embarrassing, that so much of the public debate about Africa’s economic problems should be conducted by non-African white men. From the economists (Paul Collier, William Easterly, Jeffrey Sachs) to the rock stars (Bono, Bob Geldof), the African discussion has been colonized as surely as the African continent was a century ago. The simple fact that Dead Aid is the work of an African black woman is the least of the reasons why you should read it. But it is a good reason nonetheless.

Born and educated in Zambia, Dambisa Moyo also brings to her subject a rare combination of academic expertise and “real world” experience. Her training in economics took her from the World Bank to Harvard and on to Oxford, where she obtained her doctorate. Since leaving the academy, she has spent eight highly successful years at Goldman Sachs, most recently as Global Economist and strategist. It is quite a resumé.

To read more, order the book today.



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