Malta and the EU – Illegal Immigration

The Saga of Illegal Immigration never rests in the Southerner EU states. Politicians too are running out of ideas of how to Solve the problem. Most say that although they know it is a great burden nobody can do nothing about it.
I say they are wrong. With the Millions of refugees and illegal immigrants roaming the streets of the EU with no one country in this modern technological era, not knowing how many illegal immigrants are working and living in their Country, can be classified only by ‘Governments are failing’. They are failing their oath and their citizens. Europe is and will become a hornet’s nest for terrorism and illegal activities of all sorts if they all remain passive.
I know that there are international and humanitarian conventions that must be honoured, and rightly so. One has to abide by agreements set by the UN. But here are solutions and keeping within agreements of conventions and stabilize Countries that require assistance.
I think that all illegal Immigrants roaming the streets of Europe should be identified and their loop of living the free life at the expense of their host Country should stop.
The EU instead of shovelling tons of Euros at Corrupt and unaccountable Governments in Africa and other Nations should stop, and instead each EU Country should be given the necessary EU funding to Countries that set up a special peace regiment within their Military units, specifically for illegal Immigrants. These Illegal immigrants will be then trained specifically for peace missions, be it in Humanitarian, Infrastructure rebuilding, Hospital and caring etc. These units will then be offered to the UN for peace missions and rebuilding infrastructure in African or other Countries.
This will give clear impression that EU means business, that illegality will not be tolerated and that by coming to EU illegally does not give you the right for free money from the EU at the expense of their host Country, and that entering the EU illegally one will be either deported to his land of origin, being detained for not giving proof , or joining one of these above mentioned regiments for rebuilding collapsed states in Africa and other Countries. Their should also be a common EU stance in EU to grant legal migration for Countries that require workers.
But it is discriminatory against EU citizens by EU and EU Governments, that require to know all kinds of data on their citizens from birth till death while those entering EU borders illegally can roam freely with no single iota about their origin is known, it is not wise for Governments to have two separate systems running parallel to each other, one for being an obedient servant of his Country and the other by the ever growing Black economy.
Everybody knows how tough the last depression was, and also the great suffering and atrocities that were created in wars, most deaths were created in the last World wars. The EU is not listening to it’s people, with Countries citizens being pushed further into becoming Left and right extremes supporters. Does EU want a repeat of it’s last great suffering? Why should destruction be the only way to revive common sense back to Politicians? Why should whole Countries be devastated with millions of lives lost before Politicians start listening to those that elected them?


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