EU parliament targeting illegal employment

How convenient, now that the MEP’s election is around the corner, suddenly the illegal immigration surfaces to centre stage.

The EU is trying to attract the attention of Europeans (especially the thousands of jobs lost and remain being lost during the credit crisis) to be seen as tackling the problem head on.

Governments now will be very active in this field so that their respective parties will gain the necessary vote for representation in the EU Parliament so that the status quo can prevail for another term,

While NOW they say that they will severely punish employers that employs illegal immigrants with inferior conditions to the local employment market.

How convenient to forget that these same construction employers used illegal migrants to build Party HQ, and the thousands of euros received by political parties to keep the law on their side by evading and remaining immune to tax and social security law.

Why now may I ask, why not when the people started to voice their concerns and complains Why now after that these illegal immigrants started to become used to the preferential treatment over and the host Country Citizen (everything for free and tax evasion culture)


EU parliament targeting illegal employment
by Paul Cachia in Strasbourg –
Current Affairs — 03 February 2009 — 16:30CEST

European businesses caught employing illegal immigrants will face hefty penalties under a new proposal from the European Parliament to control immigration.

Massive fines, paying back wages and even criminal sanctions are being proposed by this directive, aimed at combating illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings.

It is estimated that there are 8 million illegal immigrants working (Malta’s population 17 times over) in the construction, farming, hotel and other sectors in the EU. Fines for offenders would include the cost of repatriating the workers, as well as payment of any unpaid tax or social security.
Employers will be banned for up to 5 years from bidding for public sector contracts or from receiving state aid. Criminal penalties would be imposed on employers who knowingly hired victims of human trafficking, who were caught hiring several illegal immigrants or who were exploiting them.

This “sanction directive” is being championed by the Maltese member of European Parliament, Simon Busuttil, who is the shadow rapporteur for the report by Italian Socialist Claudio Fava. Mr Fava said that “migrants are often subjected to terrible exploitation, sometimes even treated as slaves”.

The legislation being proposed by the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee will be put to the vote at Wednesday’s plenary session in Strasbourg. The proposal is facing resistance from the Greens and the Communists MEPs who will vote against the directive.
The proposed legislation on “sanctions against employers of illegally staying third country nationals” is part of a wider package of measures including the “return directive” and the “blue card” scheme to encourage legal immigration.
It is often reported that some Maltese companies, particularly in the construction sector, employ illegal immigrants, paying them a fraction of regular wages – and penalties for those caught are rarely severe.

The president of the property section of the GRTU, Sandro Chetcuti, told that the GRTU supported measures to reduce illegal immigration: “Black-market labour represents ‘unfair competition’ for honest businesses,” he said. However, he complained that the heavy administrative burden was a deterrent to construction companies who wanted to recruit migrants through the proper channels. “If a proper structure were set up within the Employment and Training Corporation, for example, these immigrants would start making a positive contribution to the Maltese economy, rather being just a burden on society,” he added.


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