Malta state-of-the Art Roads

My car has just succumbed to an anti-car mine (pothole), with the car shock absorber punching in right trough into the engine compartment this morning. I had to unwilling and prematurely garage my car to get it fixed. Obviously trying to comply with OEM recommendations by the car manufacturer I took my car to be fixed at the car representatives in Malta and obviously being part of the car suspension system it was agreed to having to change both right and left shock absorbers. To add insult to injury, I also had to thank the Government for keeping the roads in such poor state by paying 40 Euros VAT in appreciation and encouragement to the Authorities to keep the road standards in poor maintenance as they possibly can. After all the garage repair shop, although sympathizing with the unnecessary damage caused, at the end of the day, I ended up having to foot the bill for negligence and unsafe roads. Can’t Malta and its people for once in their life time stand up for their rights as consumers that are paying for non-existent services? Where are the advocates for class action sues against Authorities to pay up for negligence and unprofessional upkeep of our roads? Our roads became a disgrace. Cratered with millions with un-charted anti-car mines awaiting its next victim, they are Safety hazards 24/7/365.
For an island that is constantly trying to promote itself as a holiday destination and with Maltese themselves having visited other Countries, I wonder how our authorities doesn’t come to notice such lethal substandard moon cratered roads to not only for motorists safety but also to any road users.
Don’t even think that motoring in Malta is cheap. With all the direct and indirect taxation to motorists one would expect a road network suitable for the 21st century.
Minister came and Minister gone, same like Government came and gone, with each one promising that they will be embarking on road upgrades that never seem to materialize, while motorist expenses keep going up, but worst of all fatal and non fatal accidents are on the rise,
Unfortunately accident investigation experts and insurance companies never attribute any of the accidents to the disastrous state of the roads or how much of the accident claims are due to poor road conditions.
Life must come cheap in Malta, and I apologies to those that visit the islands and use our roads, I am red faced with shame about our state of the roads but our representatives are shameless, if you drive here make sure to get yourself a good insurance, just think about driving in Malta as if it’s a free fun park where avoiding potholes is a challenge, but don’t blame the Maltese people as they too have been long been taken for a ride. Blame it on our Minister of Infrastructure that can afford to change his car as often as he pleases, the rest of us mortals are only there to pay for his extravagant agendas. Happy motoring.


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