Sunday, 1st February 2009 – 08:05CET

Times of Malta

A large number of migrants – possibly as many as 300 – have landed between Marsaxlokk and Birzebbuga and are being taken to detention centres by policemen and soldiers.

The migrants were packed like sardines in a large blue fishing boat which arrived at about 6.30 a.m.

Their arrival was reported by people in the area. A large number of officers from various sections of the police force, including the SAG, the Mobile Squad and the traffic section, immediately descended on the scene accompanied by soldiers.

The migrants are disembarking from their boat and walking between a ‘corridor’ of policemen to waiting buses and army trucks, which are being escorted to detention centres by police motorcycles.

The landing is the biggest single arrival in many years.

A group of 139 migrants was rescued off Malta on December 29 and was followed by another group of 161 brought to Malta on the ship Overseas Primar last month.



Is this not sufficient for resignation of Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici Parliamentary Secretary within the Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs , if not the Prime Minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi for failing and undermining our National Border Security?


Both are showing incompitence  and gross negligence in their responsability towards our National Health and Security…………….RESIGN

The only other available option is to beat them at their own game. Open up a New Military Regiment same like the British Gurkas, Enlist illegal Migrants on the pledge of allegiance to their newhost Country. And Government partecipates and offers this new regiment to UN Peacekeeping Force in Africa.This will keep the EU off Malta’s Back, the UN will pay and feed them, and they will be back where they belong in Africa, We cannot be accused of an International Law violations as we will be acting in preserving human rights!!!!


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  1. What politics does with this kind proplems?

    Comment by transport | February 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. Very easy solution, Entering another Country without validitating one’s Nationality substantiated with proof requires as a minimum some kind of detention till proof is aquired, otherwise there will be a breech in the National Security of that Country.
    Secondary, should be made to access only legal employment, if caught working illicitly without contributiong to the Social System and tax system, they should be treated just like Nationals of that Country, by being taken to the courts and justice system.
    Europe should create a regement, where illegal immigrants can subscribe too, train these people in peace missions and volonteering this same regiment to the UN for peace keeping missions and intervensions in Africa.

    Comment by Editor Maltanews | February 3, 2009 | Reply

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