Malta MEP’s – Run up to EU Parliamentary Elections 2009 –

Soon we will get the political parties pestering us again. The TV stations private, political and national will be awash with brain washing us with cheap propaganda and the usual mudslinging on petty issues with no serious debates on real issues that the Maltese public demands answers for.
They will all show us how our beloved Political Parties, especially the Nationalist and Labour Parties will be presenting us with the crème del a crème of the most hard working elements for the benefit of Malta and the Maltese. I do not think that the Maltese Public is mature enough to know the Political cunningness, lies and Political scams that are used to hypnotize and manipulate the public to vote for the, mostly coming from either a PN or a PL camps, all other parties are normally marginalized from access to public exposure.
Let’s for a minute review the last election.
1. Our now Prime Minister Lied to the public as did the PN General Secretary about the Jeffery Pulicino Orlando Mistra scandal……… and what came out of it, total silence and buried to history, what’s even worse and more scandalous is the fact that he is still serving the highest institution of the land, our parliament. This makes a mockery of the seriousness of our representatives and the highest institution of our island.
2. The first thing on taking office, behind the opposition’s back, Our Prime Minister signed the Partnership for peace (PFP), which was not discussed with the opposition especially with election won by the PN by a wafer thin majority and the above mentioned scandal.
3. The multitude of promises, including the much promised MEPA reform to rid land and construction speculators (the backbone of Nationalist financial supporters), into some kind of environmentally friendly rules and regulations that apply to all citizens of the land.
4. The much promised road construction from EU funds project to start, and has so far not even materialized, with roads deteriorating to such an extent, that a new car will become unroad worth in less than a year should VRT be carried out to EU standards.
5. Never seriously challenging EU and UN in regards of Illegal Immigration, making us the ‘yes men’, instead the PN signed a treaty with the EU that leads to Voluntary Burden sharing of these immigrants to which no EU County has yet obliged to comply with never, making us the laughing stock of other EU nations, with the latest UN report making a mockery of us for our attempts of at least trying to do the best we can with what we have.
6. The Criminalizing Law, under the racial hatred law for any national that expresses his opinion against illegal immigration (undefined and with loopholes to prevent rival political parties to present their concerns on all future consequences to the Nation without being liable for enactment of this law).
7. The exorbitant increase of energy pricing, when oil prices collapsed with no transparent auditing of the profit margin being made by the Government owned energy monopoly, which money is incentivizing inefficiencies by management of this Government run Corporation
8. The stealing of public money from the unfair Airport tax that was recently abolished due to EU’s insistence and pressure but never refunded to those having to pay this airport tax which was only imposed on those leaving the island.
9. The Government stealing from the public on the exorbitant fees imposed on those opting to buy their car from Europe or overseas, that instead of incentivizing the public to exchange their car to a modern less polluting ones, the government charged VAT on Tax, which had to be changed, again because of EU pressure, but still the Government managed to modify and twist and turn this issue by now orchestrating bigger revenue from all motorists by overhauling the licensing system that is devised to exclude commercial vehicles from paying up on pollution while private motorists carry all the burden . In essence instead of taxing the amount of fuel used paid obviously by all those that use fossil fuel in line with the polluter pays mechanism, the Government left a loop hole to leave profit margins to businessmen and Construction magnets that support the Government’s Party .
10. The PN’s New General Secretary’s leaked email sent to Government Departments to send Private information of citizens complaining to Government Departments (Data Protection act).
11. The supposedly hearse reform that caused public transport chaos last year, where eventually the Ministry in charge still did not liberalize the sector, with the cartel is still alive and kicking , while the Government even paid off the cartel’s predecessors to end the deadlock. With now an even bigger cartel where promised competition pricing is virtually non existent
12. The promised Public Transport reform, which is always an ongoing issue as sure sunshine in July, with antiquated public transport and the usual time delaying tactics and talks about talks and studies about studies, in short taking the Public for a free ride.
13. The disorganized and manipulation of public funds from Social Security Abusers, instead of closing the loop on abusers, Government is incentivizing abusers with no harsh penalties and no real checks in place to stop abuse of the system ( most abuse occurs in assistance to unmarried mothers, unemployment benefits, benefits to separated couples, marriage of convenience etc)
14. The disorganized running of the multi million euro state of the art hospital that is not living up to expectations of tax payers, with all the fanfare that was used during the opening ceremony, nobody expected it to remain monopolized by Surgeons and Medical Professors, that still use it as an extension of their private run clinics while surgical intervention waiting list get longer
15. The Golden handshake monetary Bonus given from taxpayer’s money to ex-members of parliament. To those that the voting public did not trust in giving them another term in office by electing them again into parliament
16. The hefty salary increases voted in favor by all members of parliament, when the public is being asked to tighten the belt and make sacrifices due to the looming financial crisis affecting most economies and a reflection of the true state of our financial situation.
17. The double standards used for laid off employees, the shipyard workers gets thousands of Euros in compensation while others get zilch.
18. Conflict of interest runs havoc in the Political system, were public money tenders and contracts are given to friends, friends of friend, or Companies that involve members of parliament, On any given tenders or contract there is no transparency as to who the beneficiaries of the Companies are ( it is most common that our beloved representatives or their relatives are hidden somewhere within that Company structure, sometimes with both sides of the political spectrum involved in a Company’s make up)
19. The housing speculation, domineered by Estate agents in conjunction with the banking sector, Notaries and Government, where housing valuation no longer follows the market rules of supply and demand, thereby the real gainers will be Government from tax, Banks from interest charged and real estate agents their hefty commissions, and Notary charges. That is the true reason why hardly anybody can ill afford housing without going into lifelong debt that diminishes workers rights to protests because they simply can’t afford to lose monetary income. While the true value of housing is like everywhere else in the world, in a Crisis, the true value is manipulated by all the above mentioned to keep citizens in check and reap the profits, another cartel. It has been suggested more than often to charge tax on un-occupied housing, neglected housing that causes an eyesore, a never finished construction also causing eyesores etc

I think that that should be enough, I cannot write about the Labour Party except about the doggy election of their leader, where some suspect the hidden hand of the General Secretary was somewhat involved in defeating the leadership contestant George Abela . Also the P: will be no different than the PN in making things right.
So to recap are we sure that they work for the benefit of the Country and the Citizen. Are we still convinced when they say to each and every one of us that they are ‘Servants of the Public?’ and may I add serving us in what in Europe?
• Has anyone in Malta opened his eyes lately to see half baked construction all over the place that are neither sold or finished
• roads worst the Baghdad after the American bombing raids
• Hundreds of illegal immigrants roaming our streets and running the black economy (all illegal immigrants from Far east, Russia, Africa, Middle East, white, black, blue, green, red and any other color in between)
• employers using illegal immigrants to evade having to pay National Insurance, Tax, pay sick leave and leave benefits
• Shops full of products to choose from but nobody can afford
• A Government that invents taxes (although the new buzz word is tariff) to hide the reality of Malta’s financial situation
• Tourism – is on death row and down on its knees. This is the backbone of our direct and indirect employment
• ,A new modern taxation to save the world from suffocating itself (carbon emissions tax, energy surcharges, polluters pay taxes etc )
• Government agencies and department that still lacks monitoring if they are in/out of work, with free phone numbers taken literally (free for them to use but the public never seems to get through), enjoying their summer siestas unlike the rest of the working world,
And tons and tons of other dysfunctional systems in what is supposed to be a modern, EU Country
Don’t you think it’s about time that Citizens start losing faith in Politicians, Governments, Political Parties, Judicial system, Security and Health System?
I think the whole system is about to collapse- Even the EU Central Bank is playing with our forefather’s hard earned savings to bail out European failed greed (Our Central Bank is now part and parcel of the ECB).
Thank God for thinking of leaving this piece of rock sticking out of the water to protect the world and show the world how to run a Country and how take pride of being a National of this Country)

“Disraeli was pretty close: actually, there are Lies, Damn lies, Statistics, Benchmarks, and Delivery dates” – he must have lived in Malta, as that entire phrase applies to Malta.

One thing is true; all Politicians lie every time they open their mouth. They all forget what they said after being elected (Every liar has a short memory), and they all abdicate their responsibility towards their citizens

They sold out the Nation to the EU and the UN so we have no right to govern our own destiny anymore- and that is the mess we are leaving our children, grand children and future Maltese generations.

One thing will remain constant, and that is that both the PN and PL will try and use every imaginable trick and lie to steal your vote in the upcoming MEP elections. One thing that will surely expose them is their commitment towards the Maltese Citizens as the elections will be taking place right in the middle of the illegal migration season and in essence how those in charge of our Nation’s security deal in expelling those living and working illegally on the islands, but I am sure that both political parties will pay off the press and media to hide that information from the Public, as I am sure that the Government will use the excuse of the international credit crunch crisis and pump back some of the excess money stolen from the public pockets since election to win votes, in that way the Government can say that it is pumping in money to stimulate the economy and support job creation while using the past full year plus of reaping funds from extraordinary taxes and tariffs to get his MEP’s seats, than we start over again after June elections.

They will use the Media as if it’s the end of the world, but this time, I am sure that only the well and truly gullible and blue eyed boys will vote PN MEP’s in or their disorganized counterpart the PL, I hope that a third party will go past the finish line to end the duopoly in our electoral system created by the PL/PN, although both will prefer that the opposing side win rather than have an outsider gain seats and support.
You lied and tricked me far too many times Mr. Prime Minister, to put my trust in you or your party.


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