Malta Detention regime of Irregular Migrants criticised
illegal immigrants on the Island of Malta, has become an insurmountable problem for the Maltese Government to the extent, that legislation had to be passed to muzzle in on the increasing public outcry to contain and reverse the increasing arrivals of illegal Migration. The new legislation has the aim of containing public opinion from being expressed openly, where the Authorities will be able to prosecute anyone that voices his opinion regarding the scale of illegal immigrants now roaming the tiny island, under undefined racial hatred laws.

The Islands are just an outcrop, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea , and a front line of illegal migration crossing of unfortunate people, that keep being forgotten by the International Community. They have a right to a decent living for themselves and their families as any in the Western or Asian Countries.

The problems for Malta and the Maltese, arises, due to the size of the islands. with an area of 316 sq km (121 sq miles) and a population density of 1282 per sq km (3339 per sq mile), population 2007 estimate of 418,285 and with the arrival of new illegal immigrants superseding the official National Birth rate, on a Country with no natural resources. It is becoming a real strain on the Islands.
The disappointment is further rubbed in on the Maltese population, that after doing their utmost, in getting illegal migrants to shore safely from dangerous crossings on flimsy, un-seaworthy boats. The united Nations agency UNHCR, keeps criticizing the Maltese Government for not doing enough and calls on the immediate release of undocumented, medically unscreened and unproven Country of Origin migrants.
One always thought that the United Nations is there to support the World Community, in getting Countries the Stability and improvement in conditions for their citizens. In Malta, the UN is being seen a de-stabilization medium of our once charitable Nation which is now being overburdened by the financial cost to the Maltese community, that have to outlay the cost for Medical, educating and housing these poor souls and abandon the care for the local less fortunate citizens.
The burden is further instilled by the un-willingness of the Maltese Government and other Political parties to crack down on employers , that abuse the employment system, and hire illegal immigrants, granting illegal migrants inferior work conditions and salaries, escaping Tax and Social Security payments, while these same migrants are allowed to collect Government financial aid thereby creating an unfair employment competition with the local workers.
Although , Malta is part of the EU, the smallest and most populated Country of the EU, the same EU has not been forth coming with assistance to which it is the problem creator for Malta’s migrant problems. Legislation within the EU is very soothing on paper, in that humans have rights to be respected, but then the EU condemned these people to a life without a future on a small island where they do not even want to be, as their aim was to build a future on mainland Europe. Even in the EU’s speeches, there are recommendations for European Governments to legalize these illegal immigrants due to the unsustainable future growth to the economy because decreasing workforce in Europe and the aging population then they do not want to take any of these Migrants to help in building their future ecconomy, altough the EU wants to take credit and want to be looked at as if they are chapions and saviours to refugee and illegal migrants in the World’s eye…… only on paper though. The EU’s support to border Countries has been a matter of throwing some money at the problem and a just one Country (Holland) taking a ridiculous amount of refugees to start a new life in their Country. The USA (not part of the EU), has taken in solidarity support to Malta more than the EU Countries combined, under the assistance of the American Ambassador H.E. Ms. Molly Bordanaro.
The United Nations agency, UNHCR, has been a failure, due to the fact that Countries part of the UN assembly, are not doing enough in condemning Countries not respecting Human basic laws. The Secretary General in the UN is oblivious of problems being created in other Countries overburdened with refugee and illegal migrants on their host Country. He never, ever once sited praise or visited Malta for our efforts in saving migrants from sure death in the deep Mediterranean Sea. Not once has the EU member states took seriously the plight, of their member state or the real wish of these migrants, to see the strain being created on the Islands and the migrants. Instead we are continually being criticized for our genuine efforts in easing the hardship for these unfortunate people.
In the Malta newspapers there are daily reports, especially during the April-October migrant crossings, although lately it has been occurring in the winter months too. One can see an increasing resentment towards the EU, UNHCR and the Maltese Political Parties due to their inactions and criticism, while they bury their heads in the sand instead of working together for a solution. Not once, has there been any concrete effort, in any successful arrests of any illegal immigrant trafficking contributing to this human tragedy. Libya is the main source and porin of departure, yet no serious efforts have been made to make Libya comply and patrol their coast or for that matter, just to simply comply with the UN’s SOLAS agreement between nations so that at a minium to save human lives from drowning in the Mediteranean Sea. Illegal Immigrants just cross the Libyan maritime jurisdiction and use Satellite mobile phones to get picked up by either Maltese or Italian Military Patrols and take them into the safety of their respective host Countries. Is it therefore surprising that Left and right wing political parties are gaining ground in EU bordering Countries, Like Malta, Italy, Spain and Greece? If head of states and international bodies are drunk in their riches while not even doing their bare minimum to find solutions. Even Libya’s leader has been held on record as stating that he will flood Europe with illegal immigrants in his efforts to turn Europe Muslim, it might turn out to be a good thing for Europe to bring back some common sense in legislators and Country Leaders (if there are any left).
Thank God for Barrack Obama, being of an African dissidence, he knows firsthand of the African Nations citizens pains. He knows firsthand about the rape of African riches made by both European and American states and Multi-national Companies in the past and continuing to the present, while they now don’t want to live up to their responsibilities and drag their feet into assisting these African Nations to stand up to their responsibilities towards their citizens and legislate to make it a crime against humanity for those aiding corruption of Governments in Africa in the aim to expand their riches and wealth while creating a trail of misery to people in these African Nations, while they give minimal aide to NGO groups so that in the eyes of the naïve, they seem to be doing great charity with Africa. Africa is rich, but her riches is being stolen for making the few rich and the majority live in misery and death, with no hope for the future. Yes, I endorse the American vote for Obama, as he is not only good for the USA, but everybody will be looking towards his leadership in bringing in Solutions to World problems. Although, his prime responsibility will be towards the American people, and rightly so, I wish him all the energy and power to inflict mentality chages in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Humanity deserves nothing less, I also hope that the US will demand and propose changes in the UN, that reflects today’s pains and miseries.
Unfortunately, most of illegal immigrants do not help their cause and plight, this is because they start demanding and imposing their ways on the host Country, knowing that their demands will be met due to Governments not wanting to be embarrassed by some news media report that a Government is not doing enough towards accommodating the illegal immigrants, where some also dare to claim Governments are discriminating against illegal immigrant. To be honest Governments today end up discriminating towards their citizens where an honest citizen of any Country has his identity known, his work place recorded, his National Security known, His tax number and tax records known, his financial situation known, his birth date, marriage date, divorce date, dental records and a myriad of other data that most of world Governments tend to collect on it’s citizens and also share with other Governments with none of these records are required from illegal immigrants, their own Government doesn’t even share that information with host Countries. Some could be acting unfaithfully and contributing to Global Terrorism, but no Government seems to be interested in finding ways how to control illegal migration into legal migration as a means of a Country’s stability and Security. Can you blame genuine citizens that feel threatened by their own Government lax and complacency towards citizens’ health and security protection that is being paid for by one’s taxes that end up being thrown at the illegal migration problem instead of health and security? Taking a slight look at Malta’s situation, the security forces budget ends up mostly in picking up, caring, feeding of illegal immigrants, the health services can’t even supply medicine entitlement to those falling below poverty and yet illegal immigrants are dealt with before citizens in health care centers and hospitals, they do not contribute a cent towards their accommodation, housing, feeding, clothing, energy bills, taxes, Social Security etc. What is the West coming to, and I specifically mention the West as it is totally the opposite in Middle East, Asia, Australasia, and even guess what Africa. I dare a westerner to travel without identification or Visa into these Countries or to another Western Country for that matter, and see where you will end up. So it is gross discrimination, only against the honest, hard working citizens, with the backing of UN agencies. In my eyes the UN is condoning and blessing all kinds of illegal activities from Governments that creates atrocities against their citizens, Human Traffickers’, Drug Barons, Prostitution, money laundering, child abuse and child labor, organ exploitation and trafficking, if anyone does not agree with my statement, I would like to know where I can get statistics in successful missions in capturing persons that committed crimes against humanity and are now serving life sentences or money confiscated which came from crimes against humanity, instead they live in luxury living for those committing and engaging in these activities , and mostly living in Western Countries or Countries that are stabile.
I wish and hope that journalists from all continents, start investigating these tough tasks instead of the easy to get news items. The likes of Christiane Amanpour of CNN that dares uncover the truth and discloses it to the World, she at least is trying to make a difference in her reporting towards humanity unlike most of other so called journalists. Journalism is a mission not a job.
It is unfair that Africa is doomed to be the World Begger, while European, Asian , Australasian, and Middle East are busting at the seams with fat cats get richer by the second while hundreds die by the second in Africa and the UN just watch and is critical of those trying to do their best with the means they’ve got,2144,3621641,00.html

To date, only Germany and the Netherlands have accepted a few refugees from Malta. The most substantial contribution has come from the United States, which this year agreed to accept 200 refugees.

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  1. I am disturbed by the legislations of the European Union on Illegal Immigrants. Africa, the world knows what is happening in regions like DRC, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and others like South Africa (Xenophobic attacks). Every rational leader must recognise the fact that a person who really has good condition of living that posses no threat to life, can not risk his or her life crossing the mediteranean sea in search of better life, hence, the European Union and the United Nations should as a matter of fact protect every soul found on the sea.

    No one knows tommorrow, it could be citizens of the EU who might run to Africa for safety. So lets be our brothers keeper.

    Comment by solomon chiShona | January 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for posting. I will certainly be subscribing to your blog.

    Comment by How I Lost Thirty Pounds in Thirty Days | May 4, 2009 | Reply

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