Maltese Justice

So, because our Maltese Government could not shut the people’s mouth up, regarding illegal immigration issues, now we have it as law. People again have been morally suppressed into submission and shut up their right to speak on illegal immigration. Now we have law that could land anyone in Malta that speaks out his concerns regarding illegal immigration in our courts or prisons.

 The Maltese Government has now declared those that speaks out his concerns on this issue as racists and xenophobes and only those speaking in favor of illegal immigration and in support of the issue are free to say and do as they please publicly, the rest will be hunted down.

It is a long term strategy, so that by the time the Euro MP elections come by, there would not be any illegal immigration issues that might jeopardize both Nationalist Party and Labour Party candidacy to being elected to the European Parliament. This election should be taking place right in the middle of illegal migration season, that is in June 2009, and the canaiving Nationalist party have started their homework in how they can fool the Maltese public, just like they did in the general elections, and have their seats secured for their candidates.

Well it’s a wait and see situation, but with the mess and obstacles they created for those honest  Maltese citizen that their only concern is how to raise a family unit with a job that can support their family and contribute to the Nation, it is fast becoming more and more disorientating for these families to believe both the NP and MLP, due to the fact that it seems and seen that being a dishonest citizen does pay off better than being honest.

When one see’s how our taxes are spent and how authorities investigate issues, such as supporting illegal immigrants that work illegally and gets Government benefits (even in Governmental supported entities, i.e.: hospitals, Local Councils etc), Employers that employ illegal immigrants without declaring them on their payroll, unmarried mothers that knows and lives with her children’s father and only declaring unmarried mother status for social assistance, and projects that go well over budget, government inside information passed to companies to take advantage on tenders and works, family members of politicians that are given advantage over ordinary citizens, Head of departments and Authorities given their position not due to their knowledge on the entity they are managing but because of who they affiliate to, no accountability from heads of state, be it an Authority or a politician, and the contradictory information of the Government saying that Malta’s financial situation is very strong and then one can only see a deterioration of one’s standard of living, The Malta Government also declares that he is in favor of market economy, but then works in the opposite direction, ie: prices of fuel and energy are raised due to oil prices but then when oil prices fall by a two third of the price , still increase the prices of fuel and surcharges the electrical bills.

To add insult to injury now Government shifts the burden from rising oil costs to environmental issues, now that is being dishonest and criminally minded into stealing money from the honest citizen, there is never a win situation for the public, and still we have third world country type of roads, beurocratic red tape in all Government departments, the least pro-efficient and heavily manpowered Government departments with absurd positions like messengers where emails have been around since the last part of the last century (not to mention that free phone numbers for public is minimal and hardly ever answered, not to mention that they seem to work part time as you hardly can visit a department in the afternoons and definitely this stands true in summer) , the worst public transport system on earth, a state of the art hospital which is extremely poorly managed, and much more.

Malta could be, for its size a heaven on earth, but there has to be a will, it needs to be cleaned from those that do not understand how the have not’s live. I love life, because life is just, and death will come onto the poor and rich alike, at least that is uncorrupt able, even in Malta!


November 27, 2008 - Posted by | Gonzi, Illegal Immegration, Illegal Immigration, Incompetent Malta Government, Malta, Malta corruption, Malta Energy, Malta Government, Malta Labour Party, Malta Nationalist Party, Malta Transport, Maltese, Maltese Justice, MLP, PN

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