Well it’s been a while since  I last put my thoughts in writing. Jomar might excuse my spelling, but then again he can blame it on the Maltese Education system in the last 20 years or he can just click away to so website to suite his taste, I am sure that there are billions of them.

Malta will now start to invest in alternative energy sources, the same Ministry that once said that wind and solar energy are not reliable sources and still in there infancy now is saying otherwise! Just the usual I know best attitude I guess.

At last, reprieve from high oil prices, but wait a minute, not in Malta of course, in Malta prices set by Government have only a one way direction, and that is up, even with price of oil a third of what it used to be, our energy ministry set higher prices, of course somebody has got to pay for inefficiencies and it might as well be the public. Same as the public payout to hearses, chaos caused due the public transport strike and retirement schemes for the shipyards. A stroke of a pen and public funds are thrown down the drain. Only to look tough in the media and weak when implementing. Same like the polluter pays system being adopted, it’s a Government scam to collect a bigger chunk from the public, because if that where the case the system would tax the fuel sold at the pump, meaning the more you use fuel the more tax you have to pay, but no, not for our wise men in economics, they just target the most hated sector of the public, the ever dwindling middle class, because if they implement the polluter tax at the pump will cost the political parties to much from those hidden sponsors that manipulate the political system, it will also mean that an obsolete heavy duty vehicles (like trucks, cranes, buses, power station and many more) will have to pay much more to clean up our act, we like to keep things simple, tax the middle class to subsidize inefficiencies in other sectors.

If one ever happens to be in Malta, one cannot but notice the state of our roads, an issue that I can remember from my childhood (and that is a long time ago) that this problem is going to be tackled. I don’t think it ever will, as there is no mention that either the Queen of England or other high profile dignitaries are going to visit the Island and the last serious upgrade of some roads where undertaken before the common wealth meeting in Malta and only in the route that dignitaries where going to go through. In any case Malta might advertise itself as a training ground for space/moon tourism as the craters found on the moon are comparable to craters on our roads, road safety! the only road safety is if it entails fines for motorists otherwise it is deemed a waste of manpower, in other words one can find better roads in the heart of the Amazon jungle than in Malta.

Again , Malta part of the EU, EU = Standards, is Malta in compliance or is the EU standards deteriorating? It is no wonder that the EU decided to use Malta as an Illegal Immigration centre, it will keep them from reaching mainland Europe and that is a win win situation, EU will pay for some of their upkeep and they will be happy that they are in Europe getting their freebies, Maltese gemgem don’t have an international voice to cause any commotions anyway.

Well each Country has the Government that it deserves, and that can’t be more true than Malta’s Administration, greedy, unmotivated, corrupt and inefficient – one can deny it but it is true, the public succumbed to the administration and the administration is never accountable, never a resignation due to accountability and the public pays and the usual Maltese gemgem, a cycle that has been repeated over and over again and again, even politics now is no different than in the Mintoff era with the only difference that physical abuse has stopped and instead shifted to psychological abuse.

Confusing everybody seems to be the order of the day, rules and regulations seems to be made as we go along with no set term as to what is going to be implemented long term. Wonder how businesses cope as one normally plans long term and budgets accordingly, not like our administration that seems to miss targets faster than setting them. Look at our new hospital- True state of the art and the envy of bigger Countries but can the same be said for it’s administration and staffing? The staff give an immaculate service for their lack of manpower, the rule of the day is bore them to death till they move to a better job overseas where they are treated with dignity, same thing happening in our education system – wonder how or who came up with phrases like Smart City and Smart Island as with the brain drain that is going on the only remaining smart guys and gals remaining will be in our political system- those who to make a quick buck and make rules with loop holes to keep them out of trouble.

Even when things are going wrong here, the administration embarks on campaigns manipulating the media, i.e.: Oil prices are going up from overseas and we have no control over it, when prices go down- we already bought a long term supply of higher priced fuels or the price of oil does not matter as refining is costing more, cost of food is going up again overseas as we import much of our needs, but as the financial crisis persists food prices are going down overseas but are they reflected in Malta-NO, Speaking of financial crisis, this also started overseas, is there any strategic plans to curtail its eventual impact in Malta- yes raising costs to consumer and businesses to see if we can bring it on earlier and loose more jobs, as for banking guarantees set by other Governments, not required in Malta as most in the Administration hide their savings overseas.

Viva Malta, the land of pirates!! That is why the administration can bully its citizens as competition is lacking in the energy sectors and Government can do as it pleases as it is only accountable once every five years during an election, Government does not even heed the EU where an infringement is concerned as he knows EU takes years to get justice done and then when the final warning is given, he mends his ways and none of the money stolen from the public is given back- Democracy a-la-Maltese or Pajjiz tal-Mickey Mouse


November 20, 2008 - Posted by | Malta, Malta corruption, Malta Government, Malta Nationalist Party, Malta Transport, PN

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