Disgusting Pirate Island of Malta Politics (EU too)

Is it Time to be honest and change our National Flag From
to to

Have gone through the newspapers, Yesterday, I can’t feel but disgust and dismay, as too how some reporters try to pray and manipulate on the public’s sentiment. I am talking about an article published about an illegal immigrant’s ordeal involving his illegal crossing across the Mediterranean where he allergies that a significant number travelling on his boat drowned (he claims 70 died, others on the boat give different figures, the UN rep in Malta jumped on the bandwagon to sensationalize the unsubstantiated figures), if it were true as the immigrant said the Med would have been awash with dead bodies a few days after the incident, but for some unknown reason no dead bodies surfaced (not that the Med is sprawling with great whites or other man eating sharks) . What strikes me more is that this particular journalist even managed to end up as one of the Finalists in the Journalism Awards for Print Journalism, just by praying on SENTIMENTS, NOT JOURNALISTIC INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING! That is how pathetic and downgraded Malta’s journalism has become. The newspapers have their daily figures of how many illegal immigrants entered/picked up/on the way/saved as if they have become our daily Bingo or Lotto numbers, and as if anybody cares anymore.

Now I turn on the Malta Government and Second biggest political party, the MLP. Perfect silence. Now these two Political Parties are normally like two fighting pit bulls at each other’s throat on any subject under the sun, each of them always right in their solution to any problem, but on a matter that is pre-occupying the vast majority of the public, nothing, perfect silence, they live both in harmony in providing no answers or discussion. Ironic really because by their apathy they are driving the vast majority further and further right. Now they are both in unison about planning the local situation (they never held any General Election or Council Election in the middle of the migration period) just so they can manipulate the public opinion on petty issues, but they don’t have  control when the European Parliament elections are held, and it will be held right smack in the middle of the illegal migration period between the 4th and 7th June 2009.Now this should be a very interesting period for Malta and the Maltese, because of the dwindling support to the traditional Political Parties and also the lack of consistency and support given to Malta by the EU on illegal migration. We will see how far right the traditional parties have pushed the general public!

Like it or hate it, now Malta is part of the EU, although what has been the perception that benefits of membership will outweigh non-membership it is being seen more and more as the other way round. The only benefits seem to be is benefits for the ME’Ps themselves that they will be in on 84,000 Euros (an increase of 540 % for Maltese MEP’s) plus the added bonus of allowances up to 300,000 Euros (unaccounted) per year. No wonder that both traditional parties talk in unison about this pay rise too, and no wonder both parties are pro-European, F*** Malta and the Maltese, these fat cats don’t give a hoot about being puppets on string held by the EU and jump when told to do so by their EU masters, the only thing they might ask is how high to jump! In the mean time the hard pressed Maltese worker is told to embrace himself for economic pressure and the unrelenting financial burdens imposed by the EU and make good for any mismanaged Country finances.

The EU never seizes to surprise me. Their statistical outlook on European demographics, states that all European Countries population growth is on the decline, should this surprise anyone with half a brain? With Governmental and EU greed in stealing all honest worker’s efforts in providing for his family has become a disincentive to even think about having a family if you are a European, the more you work equates to more of your hard earned family money is handed down to irresponsible and unaccountable civil servants and Governments that supports the black economy and handouts from a guilty conscience Europe. The only racial hatred remaining in Europe is against Europeans, in that immigrants are tolerated in doing anything illegal while being a European translates in you and your finances are tracked incessantly. A European is treated with more dignity and trust in Asian Countries than his motherland. And if you do not believe my comments above, I can prove it, by just mentioning the rights that French and Dutch referendums in voting for an EU constitution, both nationals rejected it but their Governments biased their Nationals, Ireland Nationals also voted No on a disguised Constitution into a treaty, but They where even ridiculed in Brussels for rejecting the treaty and vilified because of assistance received by EU as if EU money belongs to the 785 MEP’s not to ALL the EU Countries Nationals, other Nationals of the remaining EU states where not even trusted to vote, because they are treated like the scum of Europe by their own Governments ,with no say regarding  relinquishing their sovereign rights to Europe, without question. That is how motherland Europe loves its citizens, by minimizing/denying their basic rights in determining the way their respective Countries political integration in Europe is managed. Thanks to the French, Dutch and Irish public, not Governments, they had the guts to show the rest of your European brothers/sisters that they have pride in their Countries, unlike our supposedly LEADERS. Don’t think they’ll stop there, eventually they will have their way and we’ll all end up under the dictatorial leadership of Brussels (of course led from the nose by Germany, that managed to get their Europe after all).Are the French delighted with showing their National football team,an all black team (nothing against the Black population, but surely there must be some white French footballers somewhere in France too ? Is that what France has become, our European African Nation? What about our Turkish German European brothers is there a major German city free of organized Turkish black economy? Italy is a joke, not even the Mafia can get the lid on migration as it is now illegal human trafficking is carried out by the illegal’s themselves, and the list goes on, UK is run and managed by illegal foreigners. Our forefathers will be ashamed that after shedding their blood for Europe , their once enemies have discreetly managed to get enough Political gain that now wants to eradicate all that is European by giving anyone and anything that is not European a free advantage over hard working Europeans. Our Leaders sold us out for blood money and their lavish lifestyle, and where their filthy hands are always dipped in the pudding. Most of the once European wealthy Companies and assets have been sold out to the detriment of common good (so past wealth through hundreds of years with prestigious Company names still in existence where poor managed according to present so called leaders). It is disgusting when you hear and see your own leaders giving away your family’s wealth and hard earned salaries just because they have never had to do an ounce working day in their life and are in total oblivion of the multitude hardships a family has to endure to raise a healthy and educated family, they can’t see the hardships through their riches and extravagant lifestyles using public money with no account to the public. They befriended the media as a means to alienated real issues and distract them into reporting on other matters so that they can dip their filthy hands deeper into the workers pockets, such as oil prices and climate change (they are only used as a further means into stealing money and scapegoats to access public finances).In the meantime let’s keep on giving our money away to corrupt unaccountable African Nations, let them pray on our sentiments to assist charitable intuitions so that they can provide us with the next health batch of illegal immigrants from Africa, let them pray on our sentiments that we have values and compassion towards human rights while African Countries pick and choose which once to honor. European Union MEP’s hypocritical bunch of thieves (Ali Baba’s new found riches in Brussels). Maybe it’s about time to change our national flag

from  to  to


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