Malta Illegal Immegration – Nobody Else Responsable

Well, summer and good weather seems something not to look forward to these days. Illegal Immigration organized by the Libyan Authorities to invade Europe and in the process turn Europe into Muslim states, as was stated by the Libyan Dictator Qaddafi, is turning from a prophecy to reality. Thanks to our idle Leaders in the European Union, Malta has been turned from a European Country to an African Nation, where most of the Labor work is now being done by the black market economy. They operate in all kinds of jobs where they are not accountable to taxes, National Insurance, not covered by minimum work standards and benefits. They do however get Government assistance, help and grants as their rights are looked after by NG
O’s that make sure that they are the best treated entity on the Island.

I think the only reasons that this discrimination against the Maltese Citizens is part of the EU agenda, by the so called “European Partners” Is because

  1. The German Leadership still carries the stigma from atrocities carried out in the last world war, and they want redemption through irrational Illegal Immigration into Europe.
  2. France is already mostly run by Immigrant descendants that obviously prefer to help immigrants rather than Europeans.
  3. Italy is run mostly by Mafia gangs that make profit in Human Trafficking. Well to be honest, since Berlusconi became Prime Minister, things are changing in Italy, with the Government seriously listening to his citizens and giving the middle finger to the 785 EU members of Parliament that want to dictate and support lawlessness and backing criminal activity, finally one Country least expected to advocate Law and order. Well done to the Italians, they proved to be in control of their Nation
  4. Spain, normally releases illegal immigrants and let them move on to other European Nations
  5. United Kingdom, is a joke, they don’t even know who’s where, there’s probably more illegal immigrants than British, don’t ask me as not even the British Authorities don’t have a clue.
  6. Malta is being used as an experimental ground for things that might happen in Europe, when a country starts tipping the balance from mostly local citizens to illegal immigrants.

Than we come to NGO’s, does anyone really know why they are so committed in keeping this human tragedy alive? It is because they are the most beneficiaries of Government grants and unlimited budgets from EU (which is never accountable as to how it’s spent).So they are in reality no better than accomplices in Human Trafficking as they get the best highest paid jobs and accountable to nobody. All they have to say in their defense if they are investigated is either giving it a racist format, make a report against the Government and feeding it through EU institutions, that normally suffice in scaring either the complaining population or Governments. The almighty EU institutions in Brussels don’t even give a damn if a country is realistically suffering through illegal immigration influx. The Malta Armed forces have been reduced to a taxi service to bring in the daily influx of migrants while they can’t even rescue Maltese fishermen or the countless of swimmers that end up in difficulty and end up drowning as they rather be out at sea searching for illegal migrant boats and giving them a ride home.

The Maltese Government and the Opposition party are both to blame and are accomplice to the human Trafficking trade, as they are scared to openly discuss the high influx of illegal migration and they just bury their heads in the sand and hoping that the matter will solve itself on its own. They say they can do nothing about the situation as they are signatory’s to UN and EU treaties. But I say they can!

  1. Firstly they can organize an international press invitation to show the world at large how a small state like Malta cannot make it alone in solving the problem.
  2. Shame both the EU and Libya in international forums like in the UN and if necessary the President or the Prime Minister writes to the UN Secretary General about the situation.
  3. Make it illegal for employers to pick up illegal immigrants from open centers to work, it should be coordinated through a Government agency, where an employer that requires the services of an illegal migrant has to pay in advance to the Agency, where they ensure that a minimum wage is given, Tax and National Insurance is paid for, Expenses for the services being given to the migrant at the open centers is deducted (they have to be made accountable and start sharing the burden not having a free living, they must be treated like the rest of us) with the rest given to the migrant.
  4. Any employer found employing illegal migrant not through  the Agency is heavily fined and either given a minimum sentence of community service or jailing if necessary.
  5. Government should also consider that employment permits will not be issued to illegal migrants entering Malta and instead employers wanting migrants services should be allowed to apply to the ETC to organize the Malta Embassy in Libya to provide migrant workers for the employers, where the employers are made fully responsible for the migrants, including accommodation, health services, minimum income for migrants, Pay their taxes and National Insurance. There is no better deterrent than not giving the impression that everything is free for illegals in Europe.

It is ridiculous making life for these illegal migrants so easy and burden free, while nationals are burdened with unlimited taxes, direct and indirect, with the gap closing rapidly between the middle class falling into the poverty line with close to no assistance from the Government, and to get assistance a national needs unlimited authorized government documents (sometimes with birth certificates and marriage certificates of long dead and buried relatives) and for migrants no documents is necessary and their word is taken for granted. That is pure discrimination and racism against the white skinned community. If they don’t require documentation the rest of us do not need to have documentation or ID’s. 

Both the Government, the Opposition, and the Maltese public have nothing to be ashamed from. We are doing our best with the limited resources. If the problem is left to accumulate with the wait and see attitude adopted by the Government and the Opposition, it will not take long for Nostradamus prophecy Century 4 Quatrain 68 to turn into reality. The Maltese are surprisingly tolerant but with World economic crisis looming who knows what other surprises are on the horizon. We have just seen how pathetic and helpless the police where in keeping public order during the four day public transport strike, and that does not augur well should they have a rioting migrants or from the Maltese themselves for that matter. I guess I know where all the Maltese Politicians will be though, most probably abdicating their responsibilities and fled to the comfort zone of some European Country!


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