Malta Illegal Immigration

There is really nothing new in this field. No improvement in alleviating the burden of influx in migration to Malta, except that it is getting worse, the European Solidarity was given in a half hearted manner and in the form of expanding the taxi service offered to bring them home faster .Frontex what a joke, is that what our European partners can come up with, ah no I forgot that they also dangled a carrot in the form of Euros in front of the money hungry Government, so that our NGO’s and Officials can have an easy way of making a living.

Well it’s not surprising really as idiots deserve to be governed by idiots and only idiots have idiots representing them, each country has a government it deserves (it’s amazing how hushed both the MLP and the PN are about this problem, and they always agree that Malta can do nothing).They are too embarrassed and ashamed to stand up for the Maltese community that want something done. I must agree that asylum seekers need to be protected due to risks on their life, but to give sanctuary to all Africa is a little overstretched, I know that our politicians talk big and make one think that Malta is the size of America till one looks at that little blip on the map. They are too ashamed to stand up for Malta’s rights in both the EU and the UN, they are always happy to trade our right for some Euros and then we get criticized for doing our best to accommodate them.

Let’s see what benefits we get:

  • A few Euros from Europe so then they can criticize us for not accommodating them in Hotels.
  • If you even dare say a word of how you feel about the lack of action being taken, then you are declared an instant racist. The rules are the Government, EU, and UN knows best full stop.
  • Our friends in the EU provided an efficient taxi service so that we can bring in more and at a faster rate.
  • We get the majority of our construction and other trades connected to this field have a large pool of employees that they can employ in the ever growing Black Economy (nothing to do with race, just the International Name for illegal work.)
  • Our Tuna Pen friends decided that the best place to put these pens have double functions, one is for Tuna and the other as a waiting area for illegal immigrants.
  • They do the jobs no Maltese wants to do. So they deserve to get paid tax free, get free accommodation, free meals, free allowance, free from paying electricity bills, anyway a free living, they deserve it.

They say that it is too big a problem and that progress is slow till co-operation with other Countries is resolved. My foot. First if Maltese employers can’t find employees to do jobs one can always advertise jobs overseas in the EU or even in Africa if needs be and they should be given work visas and  assigned to an employer that will be responsible for them, but the ones that entered illegally there should not be any provisions for them to work or given the facility to work, the only facility that they should be given is to be sent to their Country of origin and then apply for a work visa, by giving them the right to work after entering illegally is sending a message to others how easy it is to beat the system and live off the system because idiots are busy earning a living and voted idiots to run their Country! Good luck to them as they really found a way how to stick it up the back side and we are obliged by the EU and the UN to say ‘thank you, hope you’ll have a nice stay and please do recommend us to your friends’.

At least one can give them some tips how to get here safely. One could recommend a corrupt official of the Libyan forces to turn a blind eye, pay for a boat, preferably with some flotation devices, Always have a satellite phone with either Rome’s SAR or Malta’s  SAR phone numbers, preferably have contact numbers of friends that are already living the free life in Malta. Make sure that once you are out of Libya’s territorial waters then start making calls for the free taxi service provided by the Malta Government, women and children are entitled to free helicopter service. When you get to Malta you’ll be given all that you’ll ever need, all you have to say is asylum, you’ll have NGO’s and UN reps stumbling over each other to provide you with service as they get paid by the number of illegal entries, so the more the happier they will be to serve you. It’s not that hard, and once you get to Malta you can do what you want, there is no law that you will have to abide to as that was made by the Maltese for the Maltese, and if you manage to get into the criminal circles than you’ll have a double whammy, as you’ll get to make a lot of tax free money, with all the free Government Services with a law that is next to powerless(otherwise the NGO’s, EU and UN start calling them racists too), one thing you have to remember and this is an important word ‘racists’ when in a bind just say the magic word and it will send everybody in your vicinity scrambling for cover shitting and peeing in his pants.

Well Kaddafi said it and I tend to believe him more than any EU rep or our Government,’ Europe’ he said ‘Will be having a Majority of Moslems by 2050′, I wish his words will come true and impose sharia law in Europe, I don’t know if the USA will turn Muslim before Europe, we might have a hint in the coming few years. Europeans deserve it anyway, they are so burdened with their past that now they are trying to rid themselves from guilt in this vile way. The only problem is ‘Are they creating a bigger Yugoslavia’, they couldn’t handle that war let alone the size of Europe now, one thing is true though, I think this third time round it will the Politician’s turn to hang first and they deserve it. And as far as the United Nations goes, ha, they created more wars by doing nothing than solve them, They are the fire brigade that always seem to arrive when everything has burned down, they’re one of the most expensive useless organizations created by international leaders, except for Malta of course we have to abide by the rules, all other Nations can decide what options to take but not Malta.

Thank God  for the Irish that voted ‘No’ in their referendum in giving EU Brussels a blank cheque to trod on EU citizens, because I am sure that given the chance the Maltese would have shown Brussels where to go too. If the EU parliamentarians are so keen on allowing illegal immigration they should move from Brussels to Zimbabwe or somewhere else in Africa, one cold see how hopeless the French where during the riots by illegal immigrants in the not too distant past, We also had the recent declaration in Britain saying that we should allow other cultures to run their own laws (Sharia) in parallel with UK law. How absurd can EU leaders be, how they can ever be trusted by EU citizens, all they care is about their unaccountable spending behavior. Our EU reps (Malta’s EU reps) should show some solidarity with those that elected them and just walk out a protest in each committee that they attend till EU listens. EU’s behavior is like we don’t even exist, is this the EU Malta wanted to join? Was our Government so blinded by the Euro carrots that they proposed giving Malta, look at the Irish because they contentiously voted ‘No’ they don’t matter anymore and they are being bribed by the amount of assistance they were given, is that what our EU represents? 


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