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The National Broadcasting Service in Malta has come a long way, since its formation. The content on the radio service is varied with optimal coverage on multiple subjects; the TV station run by PBS also gives the viewership a choice of programs that are enjoyed by offering various subjects. The presenters on all programs working for PBS are very capable and with vast experience, their Newsroom and news casters do a professional job, with the most credible news coverage and interviews. If only they are left alone in continuing to do more investigative reporting without any political influence, they will be second to none. This issue is not through the news room’s fault but the onus falls on PBS management and the Political forces that want to cover up the truth, and keeping the public not full informed of any information that might embarrass the Government or any of the Political Parties. Overall they are the best in the Country.

Having said that, I am sure that there is a long way to go in being a truly National Service, with service provided for all the taxpayers. So I am tempted to point out some constructive points that might improve or National Service. These are:

  • Their website is a disgrace, and does not do justice to a National Broadcaster. Their website should be interactive and a continuation/extension to both their TV and radio Stations where viewer/ listeners can contribute/participate/inform/debate on programs directly. Broadcasters of today that tend not to keep up with new media technology and innovation tend to fade away.
  • The Internet can become another source of advertising income which is not as irritating as the visual advertising on TV.
  • Although the PBS newsroom is fair play and tries it’s hardest to be unbiased, it cannot be said it’s true for other programs, although they are good in their content they are a far cry from being unbiased……..No matter what the presenters say, you must be seen by the viewers as independent.
  • Some programs have long tedious advertising breaks that collectively time wise are longer than the program content itself. Thank God for the TV remote. But after a day’s work and settling down to relax in front of the TV, no one expects for his time to be wasted by watching indiscriminate advertising.
  • PBS is underfunded for what it is expected to do and the service that it is expected to provide.
  • It should be detached from the Government and become totally independent. The Government should sell its shares to the Public in an IPO floated on the Malta Stock Exchange, to eliminate any mismanagement, and let it being run professionally by professionals. Ending the Political influence and turning it to a cash positive entity.

All in all, it’s a promising entity that with a little bit of will and effort, it can turn into what the Public expect from our Media.   


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